Take control of your wellness with DigniTea!

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, that's why our herbal blends are designed with the highest quality ingredients to promote calm and wellbeing, with a focus on daily self-care and honoring your Soul journey. DigniTea herbs was founded by author, Certified Herbalist, Therapist, Mindful Meditation teacher and domestic violence prevention advocate Tanishia Harris, who's passionate about helping women heal from trauma through herbalism, nature and mental wellness.

  • Self Care Wellness Box

    Our self care wellness box is your daily dose of self care in a box! We have included a top of the line tea mug with a built in warming system and a cover to keep your therapeutic teas hot for hours. Each wellness box also comes with a tea strainer, a free guided wellness meditation and a candle for ultimate relaxation and wellness.